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Woburn Recliner Chair

Woburn Recliner Collection

The most popular Celebrity recliner chair, Woburn offers a deep buttoned back and supportive scroll arms. It was voted "Which Best Buy" from the 11 which were tested, being identified as an "all round good performer". 

There are three different motor options in this range including: 

- Manual 

- Single Motor 

- Dual Motor

Each of the chairs come in four sizes: Grande; Standard; Compact and Petite so you can find the exact one to suit your shape and size for optimum comfort. 

The prices detailed are for the fabric option, with a variety of fabrics available. The chairs are also available in leather, please call or see in store for details. 

Made in the UK.

Three week delivery time on dual & single motor chairs, PLUS it's free delivery to any address with the TA postcode.


Price: £700.00