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Lauries Furniture

Ashford Reclining Sofas

The Ashford range is offered in Small and Standard sizes throughout

This stylish design can look equally at home in a traditional or a contemporary setting.

The attractively contoured scroll arms are complemented by soft, comfortable 'chaise' seating throughout and welcoming fibre-filled back cushions.

Using the same super-smooth actions as the Recliner Chair, this Reclining Settee is supplied in two easy bolt-together sections with removable backs.


  • For more details on the superb Recliner action including the PERSONAL 5 YEAR GUARANTEE see Features & Options
  • The Manual Recliners and Reclining Settees can be chosen with either Finger-release Catches or Handle Release

Price: £1,280.00


Standard Reclining 2 Seater Sofa
Width:        144cm /57"
Depth:          97cm /38"
Height:        105cm /41.5"
Seat Height:  49cm/19.5''
Seat Depth:   53.5cm/21''
Seat Widith: 110.5cm/43.5''
Small  Reclining 2 Seater Sofa
Width:        139.5cm /55"
Depth:         94cm /37"
Height:       102.5cm /40.5"
Seat Height: 49cm/19.5''
Seat Depth:  51cm/20''
Seat Widith: 105.5cm/41.5''
Small Reclining 3 Seater
Width:           193.5cm /76"
Depth:           94cm /37"
Height:          102.5cm /40.5"
Seat Height:     49cm/19.5"
Seat Depth:      51cm/20"
Seat Widith:    159.5cm/63''
Standard  Reclining 3 Seater
Width:        201cm /79"
Depth:         97cm /38"
Height:       105cm /41.5"
Seat Height: 49cm/19.5"
Seat Depth:  53.5cm/21"
Seat Widith:  167cm/66''
Price: £1,280.00